How much does it cost to buy a handbike for manual wheelchair?

Core selling points and budget

Wheelchair bike is also called handbike, wheelchair power assists, wheelchair tractor, electric handcycle, etc. It’s an electric drive unit for manual wheelchairs.

Today, the market for manual wheelchairs is mature and the prices are open and transparent. But we still don't know, how much does it cost to buy a handbike for a manual wheelchair? I believe this is a major concern for many real wheelchair users. Similarly, how do we choose the handbike that is most suitable for us in terms of price and performance within your ability?

The price of a wheelchair handbike depends on several different factors, including: controller; motor power; battery capacity; The wheel size of the handbike; Brake system; Connector system.

There are several brands of wheelchair handbikes on the market: Triride, Batec, Klaxon. A handbike with the same performance has a similar price about USD3000-USD6000 in Europe. Their connector system usually specifically for the active sport wheelchair. In other words, they limit the partly types of wheelchairs that can be connected to Handbike.

The average price of handbike is USD500-USD1000 in China. It depends on whether the handbike is designed and produced entirely by themselves, especially the connector system. The connector system decides if the handbike can suit the most of manual wheelchairs. Not only the active wheelchair, sport wheelchair, But also the standard wheelchair which with swing away footrest. However, the connection structure with strong generality will not control the details well.

Some of handbikes have intelligent brake system, such as HDC(Hill descent control) system. And some handbikes completely support speed adjustment to meet the different standards in different countries. Although the price of these handbike is a bit high, they give enough freedom and maneuverability.

There are other factors that affect the prices. First of all, we need to know that handbikes belong to the second category of medical devices. Do the test of handbike to get the certificate also need cost, energy and time.