How to choose the most suitable handbike or power add on for your manual wheelchair

Power matching for manual wheelchairs

There are many excellent handbike suppliers from Euro such as Batec, Alber, Klaxon which has been developing handbike for years. Most handbikes can be devided into pure electric handbike, hybrid handbike, manual handbike.

Electric handbike

What is pure electric handbike?

The pure electric handbikes are powered by lithium battery. Usually 13ah battery can support about 50KM driving distance with max speed of 25-30KM/h. It can be connected with manual wheelchairs in few seconds. So there is no need to buy another electric wheelchairs if you do not want to push manual wheelchair by yourself. So it is good choice for young wheelchair users who want to go hiking with family, travel around the park. But the front tube for the active wheelchairs should be in round, not bigger than 35mm. Otherwise, it can not be matched. Anyway, if you are driving normal wheelchair as below, it is also OK.

Anyway, there are some disadvantages, such as not good when you are in door, not available for elevator with less than 1.4M, no access to exercise. If you forget to charge the battery, you can not go back home without calling for help from your family. That is not good.

Hybrid handbike

What is hybrid handbike?

The hybrid handbike can not only be powered by battery, but also you can driven by your hand. In this case, the driving distance can be longer than pure electric handbike with same battery. It is also good way to exercise your body. Exercise for wheelchair users are necessay for them to keep in healthy. But usually the hybrid handbike is rather expensive compared to pure electric handbike while some people may not be afford to buy it.