MIJO new power attachments to help wheelchair users travel further

It is our great honor to receive lots of positive feedback from our end user. Our power attachment has become one part of their life. 

In past several years, more and more people are looking for active user wheelchairs rather than normal manual wheelchairs. Our new power attachment is highly welcomed during manual wheelchair users. It can allow them to adapt their manual wheelchair to suit their changing requirements, rather than investing in a new power wheelchair.

What is a powered add-on?

A power add-on is a electric device that can be attached to different manual wheelchair which can help reduce muscle pain while using a manual wheelchair. The wheelchair users can gain more freedom with max driving distance of 50KM. The power add-on is also called as E-bike attachment, handcycles, handbike, electric add-on for wheelchairs.

You just need clip on the front of a manual wheelchair and turn it into a powered trike style systme.

Rather than propelling and steering using wheels, you use the handlbars. Just like riding a bike.

Hand bike add-ons are good choice for longer outdoor journeys. Lots of our clients use them for going to the park, 

walking their dogs or joining their friends for a bike ride.

Another benefit for some people is the design itself, the bike add-ons do not like disablity aids. The wheelchair users can gain

more confidence when they go out.

What is disadvantage for this power add-on device?

First of all, it is not good for indoor use and also increase the size of the wheelchair. If the elevator is too small,  you can not

go inside it.

Secondly, if you need travel by bus or train regularly, it will make you hard to get in.

Thirdly, this add-on device is not well-suited to people with paralysis or weakness down one-side as you need use both hands for

throttle and braking.