MD08 Enhancing Senior Independence: The All-in-One Mobility Solution

MD08 Omni wheel wheelchair

Minimalist Personalized Style: Industry-innovative exterior design with sleek lines merging with mecha-style aesthetics, delivering a powerful visual impact, making mundane senior living vibrant and colourful.

Safety and Stability: Equipped with 8-inch PU omnidirectional wheels, a high-strength aluminium alloy frame, large rear wheels, and a low centre of gravity design, ensuring excellent traction and obstacle-crossing capabilities. Dual motors combined with intelligent electromagnetic brakes provide instant stopping without skidding.

Comfort: The wheelchair's front axle utilizes an automotive-grade leaf spring suspension system, handling bumpy roads with ease, and ensuring a smoother ride over obstacles. The multifunctional armrest can be folded, ergonomic seating backrests offer comfort, and adjustable footrests cater to the specific needs of different elderly individuals, providing ample legroom and support.

User-Friendly: The wheelchair features a large high-definition LCD display screen, a simplified control panel, and an intuitive user interface, ensuring easy operation for the elderly.

Extended Range: With a detachable and quickly replaceable dual lithium battery design, combined with a high-capacity battery, the range can reach up to 40 kilometres.

One-Click Folding: Say goodbye to cumbersome folding processes; simply press the button at the bottom of the seat to effortlessly fold and transport.